Are KKR's and New Zealand's fate interlinked?

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Well, according to numerologist numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani they are interlinked because both play wearing black.

“In fact, right at the beginning, we had warned that the colour black used for their team jersey wasn’t auspicious as it is also the hue of the same Saturn, # 8, and generally a colour of mourning in many communities. In fact, another team sporting the same colour that has never ever made it in the big league, is New Zealand. It has, on so many occasions, despite playing well, not managed to win a major tournament, leave alone the World Cup.”

The same report also talks about SRK dropping the word Kolkata from KKR.

Cricket News Online Live.com
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Blogger lviss said...

Already ready with excuse.

Saturn does not do harm to all equally. There are various zodiac signs in the team . Which one will be taken into consideration, THe captains?
Dropping KOlkatta is a good one becoz the team belongs to WB and not Kolkatta. Other teams also can drop the city names QUIETLY.

29/03/2009, 20:00  
Blogger Ottayan said...

I believe he took SRK's age which is 44 and concluded that 4+4 =8.

Regarding dropping Kolkota - the KKR sounds better than KR.:)

30/03/2009, 05:35  
Anonymous rs said...

Saw this report as well! Doesn't the NZ "All black" rugby team with black in the name and wearing black have good success. I thought that the NZ cricket team perhaps chose black in line with their rugby team.

30/03/2009, 07:52  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Excellent point regarding New Zealands All Black.

I understand that at first the New Zealand national rugby uniforms consisted of a black jersey with a silver fern and white knickerbockers. By their 1905 tour New Zealand were wearing all black, except for the silver fern, and their All Black name dates from this time.(From the Wiki)

From that I conclude they wear black to highlight the silver fern.Also, if I remember correctly the New Zealand cricket team went under the name of KIWIs. They adopted the 'Black Caps' nomenclature recently.

30/03/2009, 08:40  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

If people do believe in all this, I might consider a change in career myself... this looks fun and easy. Now where did my cards pack go?

30/03/2009, 15:43  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Better to leave this to guys who can afford to spend on these misconceptions.:)

30/03/2009, 16:48  

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