Will anyone believe him?

Andrew Flintoff attempts to assuage the fear that playing in IPL will render him unfit for the Ashes.
"Playing for England is the ultimate and that's what I want to do. I have missed a lot of cricket over the last few years. I obviously want to play as much as I can especially for England.

"I have played in the Ashes before and I know the euphoria that comes from playing in it, so I am not going to do anything that jeopardises it."
Given his history, his determination to play in the IPL next month is not only putting a question mark over his commitment to play in the Ashes but also painting IPL as the villain.  
So it is hard to believe when he says he is committed to playing in the Ashes.

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Blogger Soulberry said...

His club should insist on only a fully fit Flintoff.

28/02/2009, 18:07  

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