A question of integrity again

Not very long ago, the Australian captain famously taunted an Indian journalist for questioning his integrity. Taking a cue from his captain, Australia's wicketkeeper Brad Haddin branded New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori "low" for questioning his integrity in a bitter aftermath to the Chappell-Hadlee series opener.
Vettori believed spinner Michael Clarke did not bowl Broom, but rather Haddin's gloves had removed the bails. Though Vettori later admitted that his was a 'subjective analysis', Haddin believes Vettori should have spoken to him first before besmirching his character.


This is not the first time an Australian cricketer has pushed the envelope regarding the rules, however this is the first time an Australian cricketer has cut corners to stall defeat.


Blogger Ravindran said...

Pushed the cover without pasting the envelope.

02/02/2009, 14:42  

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