The naive ECB

Amusement Each passing day throws more light on Stanford’s shady connections and fakery. Significantly, the details of how he hoodwinked the ECB and its Chairman Giles Clarke are keeping this writer entertained.

As new details emerge after Stanford’s alleged $8 billion fraud, the extent of his fakery becomes more obvious. It has left many wondering how a man who once falsely claimed to be related to the founder of Stanford University was able to fool so many people — and persuade the leaders of English cricket to abandon their usually cautious attitude to business and grab at his millions.

The sight of the snobbish ECB writhing in embarrassment and the delight of seeing Giles Clarke for once stuck for way to ‘spin doctor’ this situation is cause for mirth.

In a way, one is happy that politicians and not self-centred fools like Giles Clarke run the BCCI.

Image by Mark Berry



Blogger lviss said...

It is a really big embarassment for the ECB.But it came in the first year itself.

21/02/2009, 20:05  
Blogger Ottayan said...


" But it came in the first year itself." - They just got lucky.

22/02/2009, 05:16  

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