Liquidate the WI Cricket Board?

This may sound extreme, but after numerous faux paus and the current notoriety it has gained through its association with Stanford, liquidating and reconstituting the WI cricket board may be the right way to revive cricket in the troubled Caribbean islands.

If you are worried about who will govern WI cricket in the interim, remember:

There is no shortage of competent international liquidators and if the West Indies brand is to be protected, then maybe Deloitte & Touché, PriceWaterhouse, Ernst and Young, or some such eminent firm, be asked to manage West Indies cricket in the interim, until competent individuals emerge to protect our image and safeguard this noble sport, that still means so much to so many.


Blogger Soulberry said...

The issue of secession by the federal components of CARICOM into individual cricket playing entities instead of the umbrella of West Indies, has been on the anvil for long. It is regularly dusted off and brought forward for discussion before relegating it back.

How many of the constituents would find themselves recognized as full members is moot. Also the harassment ICC and other countries might encounter in such a scenario.

Perhaps Chris Gayle and the selectorial panel are already testing the waters for Jamaica by fielding as many Jamaicans as they can fit into the West Indian team. naturally, the point of debate has been dusted and brought out of the closet again.

21/02/2009, 13:47  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It is an obvious solution. However, how many can field strong teams on their own is the question.

In a lighter vein, BCCI will salivate at the prospect of so many votes once the Balkinisation of CARICOM happens.

21/02/2009, 15:44  

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