Is it necessary to put down other formats?

For all its own excitement and popularity, it is the kind of emotion that cricket's newest, shortest format, the 20/20 fad that Stanford and others decree as the game of the future, cannot match.

Anyone who is interested in cricket knows that the formats are as different as (pardon me for using a cliché’) chalk from cheese. It is obvious to most that each of the formats has their own charm, intrigue and pleasures.

So why do these ‘cricket pundits’ (in this case it is the venerable Tony Cozier) have to pass snide comments on the other formats to build up Test cricket. As far as I know, these ‘cricket pundits’ are always mourning the passing of a very much alive Test cricket.

Either they are exhibiting their intellectual snobbery or they are hoping to precipitate the demise of Test cricket by writing premature obituaries.

Now, I leave it to you to decide which one is the true reason.


Blogger lviss said...

Test cricket will go eventually. But no need to belittle other forms.

23/02/2009, 23:20  
Blogger Soulberry said...

No...nobody need to put down different formats. But who will explain that to the bandwagonists and their drivers? Who can indeed?

It's a bit like should gay-ism be legalized in the US Army or not.

28/02/2009, 18:10  

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