The Inspector of Shoes

sniffing shoes Niranjan Shah, who was once the Secretary of the BCCI, is now appointed ‘The Inspector of Shoes’ which in short means he has the exalted responsibility of inspecting the shoes of the Indian cricketers.

Having established himself as a strict disciplinarian during his earlier stint, his appointment has the cricketers quivering in their shoes.

Furthermore his unnatural (for he has never been shy of speaking to the press) silence on what he will meet out to the offending shoes has sent the cricketers running for cover. clean shoes

In fact, rumours have it; Sachin has called up Sharad Pawar asking him to replace Niranjan Shah with a more lenient person.

Going by his past actions, one thing is certain; Niranjan Shah will ban the shoes from speaking to the press.

Image by ellanvanraee & naamannewbold


Blogger Ravindran said...

WE need somebody to keep the shoes from wandering

16/02/2009, 20:24  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It appears a device to keep Shah occupied.

17/02/2009, 05:41  

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