Happy birthday, Vishy.

In the rush of everyday living, this blog failed to mark Vishy’s birthday and congratulate him on receiving the CK Nayudu award for life time achievement.

Therefore, a belated birthday greetings to the cricketer fondly called Vishy and a priceless human being called Gundappa Vishwanath.

As a peace offering to his fans, here is an evocative piece on the man.


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Blogger Soulberry said...

Thanks Ottayan. Vishy never bored you, you never tired of watching him play. His dismissals would be anticlimactic.

15/02/2009, 16:53  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Authentic square and late cutter .

15/02/2009, 20:36  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Yes he scored sat such a furious pace that his dismissals were often anticlimactic.

16/02/2009, 05:41  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


More of a sculptor than a stone mason. :)

16/02/2009, 05:44  

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