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Excepting the BCCI baiters, there was not much opposition in Australia over the banning of ICL players. One exception was the furore set off over CA denying Gillespie the opportunity to coach his state. Unlike other cricketing nations, the Australians were smug that their talent pool could easily replace those lost to ICL.

However, with Australia struggling and no suitable replacements in sight, calls for revoking the ban is gaining in ascendency.As usual, the contrarian Peter Roebuck has reignited the controversy.

Leaving his ranting aside, one realizes that the famed Australian talent pool has dried up and no wonder they are looking at the likes of Michael Kasprowicz and Jason Gillespie for succour.

It also highlights the fact what other nations held in high esteem, the cricketing academies, the coach’s and the Australian domestic cricket were misplaced. They (Australian Cricket) made their reputation and a lot of money feeding off on the exploits of the now retired legends.

Their recent struggles clearly indicates that there was nothing systematic or wondrous about Australian cricket. It so happened that a bunch of extraordinary cricketers played together and that resulted in their dominance. In short, they just got lucky.

Do you agree it is the end of the Australian way of cricket?

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Blogger Ravindran said...

They did not replace ageing players at the proper time.Their problem is more with their minds than no Gillepsies or Karpos

09/02/2009, 07:37  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


It is obvious that they are clutching at straws.

09/02/2009, 19:37  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Don't know about the talent pool but one thing is certain, the famed professional CA is now flip-flopping like the grease on a double decker hamburger.

10/02/2009, 12:37  
Anonymous Aussie Cricket Pro said...

The Ashes should be good, the worst English team in ages versus the worst Australia team in ages....battling it out over 5 test to see who can suck the least.

12/02/2009, 18:56  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Makes for a boring series. :)

12/02/2009, 19:27  

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