Beefy goes overboard

allen-stanford Sir Ian Botham has branded Sir Allen Stanford "the new Kerry Packer" after pumping at least £75million into West Indian and English cricket.

Botham without doubt lost his self-control at the sight of the 20 million dollars and presently must be ruing the day he said it.

Hat Tip: Cricket365

Image from Telegraph



Blogger lviss said...

Not only Botham many in the England Board would have wished that Allanford wuld provide the necessary push to cricket.

21/02/2009, 20:00  
Blogger lviss said...

This box looks better than the previous one U can see all comments neatly squared.

21/02/2009, 20:02  
Blogger Ottayan said...


They aligned with Stanford to show they are power to contend with in cricket.

About the comment box- I see your picture.

22/02/2009, 05:21  

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