Shaun Tait for Deccan Chargers?

Because of his comeback to Twenty20 cricket in Melbourne and the ball that almost cut de.Villiers into half, Shaun Tait has become one of the most sought after players by IPL franchisees.


During the IPL player auction set for February 5, Shaun Tait along with other players, notably Pietersen and Flintoff, will set off furious bidding among the franchisees.


One person has already indicated his interest. Darren Lehmann, (who by the way is a contender for England's coach job has decided to stick with the Deccan Chargers), confirmed he would bid for Tait.


However, Taits' mental and physical fragility may well mar the hype.


Blogger Ravindran said...

Werner will be the main attraction this IPL.Daredevils did the right thing choosing him

13/01/2009, 07:03  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

Tait's grt for DC. Gibbs, Afridi, Tatit, some fragile 3some that.

13/01/2009, 13:23  
Blogger Trideep said...

DC needs a fiery bowler. And if Tait bowls the way he did in MCG, he might really injure a couple of batsmen.

13/01/2009, 20:41  
Blogger Q said...

Ravindran with attraction, I think Ott meant at the auction. Warner's been bought so he wont be at the auction..

Besides the 3 u mention Ott, I think Shakib will be quite a big attraction given that Modi has also promised IPL contracts for the Bangla boys in light of the ICL defections.

15/01/2009, 20:16  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Great! Now Deccan Chargers will get yet another bowler who goes at 10 an over. Sweet for us CSK fans.

16/01/2009, 13:18  
Anonymous Lazybug said...

No Tait, please, no!

19/01/2009, 16:33  

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