ICL- Will it stand by its cricketers.

Indian Cricket LeagueImage via WikipediaMost Pakistan’s Indian Cricket League (ICL) rebels appear to have become innocent victims of the strained relations between India and Pakistan over the Mumbai terror attack.

These Pakistani players featured in the ICL (Lahore Badshahs) and won the title. Unfortunately, they may well end up waiting a long time to see the colour of the Rs.40 million due to them as winners.

According to the terms and conditions of the contracts, the Pakistani ( or any contracted player) players will have to be available for a minimum number of days in the league to get their contractual fees per annum.

Sadly, the second edition fell prey to the Mumbai blasts and was abruptly terminated. If ICL, who are within their legal rights, decides to stand by their contract, the Pakistani players stand to loose not only their prize money but also their contracted fees.

One hopes that the cricketers who are involved in the running of the ICL influence the management and help the Pakistani players get their due. This episode will reveal how ICL, which goes about projecting itself as an organization focused on the cricketers welfare, stands true to its claim.

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

At this point, the ICL will not engage into this and will be supportive. Pakistan is their biggest market and their best trump card to get the ban overturned.

16/01/2009, 13:23  

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