Do we need more teams?

Harsha Bogle, provoked by the frequency with which the teams are playing each other, raises the now familiar bogey of too few international teams.

Cricket needs more variety, fresher competition. It’s bad enough having such few teams, its worse when feuds emerge and some teams cannot play against others.

Although there is merit to his desire for more teams, the pathetic performances of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe makes one chary of leapfrogging teams into the elite Test playing team’s category.

One believes that the solution is in rivalries, the kind seen between India – Australia, Australia – England, Australia – South Africa, India – Pakistan and now India – Sri Lanka.

Do you believe more teams are the panacea for dull cricket?

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Cricket News Online Live.com


Blogger straight point said...

cricket certainly require more teams...the failed endeavors of zim and bd are just that failed endeavors...i don't think their failures should stop spreading the game...

24/01/2009, 12:24  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I agree cricket needs more quality teams.

24/01/2009, 15:29  
Blogger Ravindran said...

More teams will mean more dull cricket. Cricket draws its uniqueness from the fact that only few countries could master it. Let it be that way.The game became dull becos of some of its laws.

25/01/2009, 06:52  

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