Do they have a choice?

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said it would not seek compensation from the BCCI for cancelling the tour scheduled from January.


Though PCB suffered a loss of $ 40 million, they have chosen to maintain that relationships are more important than grievance.


It is apparent that PCB is relying on the resumption of cricketing ties once the relationship between India and Pakistan is back to even keel.


As BCCI is the financial engine that appears to power the International cricket, one wonders whether they (PCB) had a choice.


Blogger Bored Member said...

since the cancellation of tour bcci was having sleepless nights about compensation...now that pak has announced they wont seek it...they are having sigh of relief and can get back to doing normal things...

21/01/2009, 12:06  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Bored Member,

I agree. This will certainly lift a load off BCCI's mind.:)

21/01/2009, 12:38  
Blogger Q said...

I think it was the PCB's right to seek compensation. The not seeking it doesnt have much to do with hope for resumption of ties - its cos BCCI's loss from the cancelled tour was even more than $40million.. BCCI lost more as it had more riding on revenue from Indian channels / adverts etc.. remember the rights were with NEO, not a Pak channel...

21/01/2009, 17:14  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


PCB has every right to claim compensation. They did not seek it because they know it is only a matter of time before the cricketing ties will resume and a grateful BCCI is sure to shower a windfall on them.

21/01/2009, 18:09  
Blogger Soulberry said...

rajiv Shukla of BCCI had left the tailgate open in a fuzy way back in Nov-Dec when while isuing a statement about the inappropriateness of touring at that time (prior to the cancellation announcement), he mentioned that "we" meaning BCCI was ready to play and it was an issue for the government to decide and they'd abide by it.

Standard issue statements under the circumstances but BCCI always has a travel bag packed and ready to go.

21/01/2009, 19:23  

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