Will the South African’s choke?

Australia v South Africa, 2nd Test, Melbourne
The South African’s are on the verge of making history. Their cricket team is poised to nail the series, an achievement that has eluded them in the last four series.

Needing another 153 runs to win, the South Africans are indeed favorites to win this test match and thus win a series in Australia for the first time since the dismantling of the apartheid.

However, the South Africans last won a Test series against Australia in 1969-70. Since then they have won just four of 24 Tests against Australia before this series.

Can South Africa overcome the burden of history and rid themselves of the tag of chokers by winning this match?

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OpenID philip9876 said...

The choking business has now been taken over by the Aussies...hehehe

SA won.

30/12/2008, 13:29  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It has been a long time coming.:)

30/12/2008, 16:38  

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