Why should India be disappointed?

Sri Lanka CricketImage via WikipediaIndia unhappy with Sri Lanka's cricket tour to Pakistan: Reports

This is ‘motivated’ reporting:

Independent Sunday Times quoting SLC sources said that the decision by the Ranatunga administration to undertake the tour "had irked the Indian authorities" and the matter had been discussed "at the highest levels in Colombo".

"These sources said that SLC also received clear signals that Indian authorities were unhappy with the move to tour Pakistan when they were having political problems with that country. They said they treated the Sri Lankan move as a snub on the Indians mainly as a fallout from the Indian Premier League (IPL) issue," the daily said.

The report said that the Sri Lankan sports authorities were forced to go to the foreign ministry to get clearance for the national team's tour to Pakistan next month "following a nose-dive in Indo-Pak relations in recent weeks".

There is no earthly reason for India to object to the Sri Lankan cricket team touring Pakistan. Granted that the BCCI and Ranatunga who held the Chairman of the SLC’s interim committee until recently failed to see eye to eye on various issues, by no stretch of imagination can it be portrayed as the reason. It is also to be noted that Ranatunga and his committee has been disbanded and the Sri Lanka’s sports minister decided to tour Pakistan after getting the Sri Lankan President’s approval.

Undeniably, the very reason that the President’s approval was sought indicates that the tour was a political time bomb. However, it is unlikely the President of Sri Lanka would take any decision that could mar Sri Lanka’s relationship with India.

This attempt to portray India and its cricket board BCCI as over bearing entities should be roundly condemned.

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Blogger Q said...

But this is being reported by the Indian media itself is it not? Firstly I don't understand why the BCCI should feel anything abt SL touring Pak.. secondly if they don't then why is the media portraying them as such?

29/12/2008, 12:46  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Exactly Q, that is why i called it motivated reporting. They are trying to sow discontent between the two countries.

29/12/2008, 13:07  

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