Test Match Cricket: Does it have the buzz back?

Cricket News Online Live Buzz Just when everyone was bemoaning the lack of interest, Test match cricket grabbed everyone’s attention last week.

Against a normal course of lop sided results, a Test match involving India and England culminated in one of the biggest Test cricket run chases last week. Similarly, South Africa’s successful run chase on Sunday, again another one of the biggest Test cricket run chases,has only shown what Test matches can dish out.

Admittedly, the Chidambaram was for most parts barren. On the other hand, the WACA was full. Despite the suspect crowds at MAC, these gripping encounters have got the buzz back to Test cricket. Surely, the conversation around the water-coolers will be about the South Africa’s incredible win and the possible dethroning of Australia from its perch.

Now the question is does these two Test matches indicate the revival of Test match cricket or is it Test match crickets dying gasp?

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