Should India tour Pakistan?

Union Sports Minister M.S. Gill on Friday said the country’s team, under the prevailing circumstances, should not tour Pakistan. Though he pointed out that the final decision on the subject rested with the government his statement could well be a trial balloon in order to judge the public sentiments over such a decision.
However, his justification seems a well thought out one and could well sway the fence sitters to decide against the tour.
“People from their soil were indulging in mass murder in India. I have played cricket. I know the spirit of cricket. Cricket is not commerce. Is it possible for one team to arrive in Mumbai and indulge in mass murder and have another team go and play cricket in the winter afternoon sun at Lahore immediately after?
Personally, I am ambivalent over this issue. On one hand, I believe that sports and politics should remain apart. Similarly, I believe Jingoism has no place in sport. Yet this particular issue is different in the sense that it is time for India to show to the Pakistani leaders and the elements running the terror organizations that India is taking these repeated incursions seriously. As cricket tours have not once but twice been the backbone to creating normalcy between the two countries it is important enough to be used as a tool to shows India’s displeasure.
On the other hand, I believe, cricket tours has gone a long way in establishing that Indians are human and not ogres as they the Pakistani public feared. It has done the same to change how the Indians observed a Pakistani. Hence, I believe that by refusing to tour will serve to further heighten misconceptions and the hate campaign ratcheted up by some motivated elements inside Pakistan will gain currency among the Pakistani public.
Nevertheless, beyond these two intellectual fears, I am opposed to the Indian cricket team touring Pakistan because I fear for the physical well-being of the Indian team. It is a well-established fact that the criminal elements in the Pakistan intelligence (ISI) have a huge say in the matters regarding the military and the police. If the Indian team is to tour Pakistan, they will, on the assurances and the security provide by them. When the very same security connived and leaked like a sieve to let in assassins (Benazir Bhutto assassination) what is to stop them doing the same to the Indian cricket team? In fact, it does not have to go that far: a cracker burst near the Indian cricket team is enough to set off a war and bring international sanctions against Pakistan. It will mean that the ordinary Pakistani eking a day-to-day living will suffer prodigiously.
For that reason, for the sake of sanity, for the sake of peace, for the sake of the Pakistani people, for the sake of the Indian people and undoubtedly for cricket, I say, “abort this tour”.
What do you think should India tour Pakistan?
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Anonymous rs said...

I would rather reschedule the tour for about 6 months later -- think it is too soon now. I would like to see some consistent action taken by the Pakistan government and results seen and assess again.

17/12/2008, 07:56  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Rescheduling is a good option. But this is an era of grand empty gestures, so in all probability they will cancel the tour.

17/12/2008, 08:12  
Blogger Straight Point said...

sports and politics however apart sometimes can not be separated...and this is that kinda time...

this is what i commented on wasim of cricket files...on similar isse and i still stand by that...


if only things are so easy…we humans have this uncanny ability to make things complicated for ourselves…only to realise the futility of it later…

but right now the best approach is to take two step back…deep breath and let dust settle down…

remember you can't play in hazy conditions…

17/12/2008, 12:36  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


So you claim bad light?:)

17/12/2008, 13:00  
Blogger Q said...

Wow.. i can't believe some of your comments. It is amazing how influenced they are by the media.

I mean, you seriously believe that Pakistan was behind the mumbai attacks?

Moreover, you seriously believe that the corrupt ISI officials have a say in Govt / military activities?

And you seriously believe that the Indian cricketers will be a target?

Come on Ott, you are smarter than that.

17/12/2008, 13:44  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It will be equally dismissive for me to claim that you reply shows how you are influenced by the media.:)

BTW, I never said that the cricketers will be a target. Read that paragraph carefully, what I said was in the present scenario even if cracker bursts in their vicinity it could end in war.

BTW, I am not as smart as you think. :)

17/12/2008, 13:50  
Blogger Q said...

Well your right abt that.. just like the countries their medias are at war as well... the only problem in my opinion is Kashmir - the terrorists are not Pakistani, nor are they Indian. Either way, thats a topic of discussion for another forum.

On the cricket tour, I understand wat ur saying but u need to understand that due to the sensitivity of the issue, not even a firecracker will go off in the vicinity of the Indian team.

The fact that what would happen if it does holds dire consequences, Pakistan has given the option of neutral venues.

Abu Dhabi is holding its domestic tournaments at bay in January in case they are asked to host Ind v Pak..

But India is not even willing to play on neutral grounds.. why not?

Because mumbai was attacked by Pakistanis?

From that notion all the attacks that happen in Pakistan are by Indians..

That is definitely not the case..

Why can't our Governments and political leaders understand that they are not the enemies?

17/12/2008, 14:02  
OpenID philip9876 said...

Cricket? I want no diplomatic, sporting, cultural or any kind of ties with Pak. Its time we showed them that if they can continue to foment terror in India, we have the ways and means to squeeze their balls too.

17/12/2008, 16:48  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I am as bemused as you are.

17/12/2008, 20:15  
Blogger Ottayan said...


What if they like their balls to be squeezed.:)

17/12/2008, 20:16  
Blogger Trideep said...


I guess sending a team there now will be double standards. On one hand we are saying that all further peace talks will not continue till Pak takes actions against those who are guilty. On the other hand we are talkin about sending our team there...

17/12/2008, 22:34  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Exactly.However the question before us should cricket be a part of this political imbroglio? I am sure we still continue to import sugar from Pakistan.

18/12/2008, 05:17  
OpenID philip9876 said...

Then no one can help ;)

18/12/2008, 05:40  
Blogger Q said...

Oh we love out balls squeezed ;-)

18/12/2008, 10:53  
Blogger Ottayan said...



18/12/2008, 11:01  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Ok.... this is a really long one.

Am one of those who says India should not cut ties playing with Pakistan.

Cutting sporting ties is not going to help stop terrorism nor stop the CIA/Mossad controlled pets like the ISI from doing its nefarious deeds. It has not changed anything in the past. So why such an eye-wash that will have no impact whatsoever.

The impact this will have is to remove contacts and grow good old half-baked info backed animosity of indian/pakistani fans, players with the general people in Pakistan thus giving a good breeding environment for the evil folks in their establishment to spread their lies.

Let's consider this, ever since the earlier Pakistan tour, the IPL/ICL, a bit of bollywood crap, the mindset of Indian and Pakistani people have considerably changed towards each other. Both in many ways start to realize that either side are not blood suckers that are out to wipe each other out.

However, even this doesn't change anything for the pets in the establishment except that it would be difficult for these forces to sell more garbage about India in Pakistan. That is a small but distinct and much needed advantage which is required to foster peace. Same likewise.

However I also understand that it is impossible to neglect political spills overs into cricket, as in this case, a very strong one.

So should India tour Pakistan? Yes, but not in January. We should consider the security aspect in relation to Otts point on the sensitivities of say a possible mishap and hence alternative venues may make sense for a while even though it is totally farcical for the context for Ind-PAK cricket.

1) To start with, let the investigation get over completely and all facts, reports about the same be publicly disclosed. I am going to emphasize this... we as the people of India has to demand that the report be available in public domain in entirety.

2) Critically examine that report to ensure there are no goof-ups like in the earlier cases and strengthen the case a.k.a ensure all truths are covered in the report.

3) Take a definitive call after that on all aspects, both politically and or cricket, whatever. Until then, no need for knee-jerk reactions but things can be put on a simmer.

For Q,

You have to equally understand that some of your best newspapers like the Dawn had investigating reports confirming that there is a cover up happening in the evidences presented. So hard evidence has no meaning.

You also need to understand that contrary to what many in Pakistan believe, all the major corporates controlling key industries have strong stakeholders by the army in the form of its separate civilian trust.

Google about it.

No mainstream media will cover any of these. Not in India nor in Pakistan.

For all Indian and Pakistani citizens here, my view is blunt. Do not trust the mainstream news in either countries especially the television media who interestingly in both countries are owned elsewhere in the form of big corporate stake holds.

Try and unearth as many alternative news stories as possible. Do not trust them too entirely, but take some of their viewpoints which are deemed to be considerable to piece the jigsaw.

Patch, these two together, and you can see loopholes, the weeds and a lot of truth in between.

On a jovial note, if you do this, you will land up like me... a totally confused mate who cannot trust anyone with power. At least you need not be sold or manipulated.


Otts.... this is pretty political and could get hot... get your moderation tools ready even for this post LOL.

18/12/2008, 11:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Check my latest post.

18/12/2008, 11:42  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Check my latest post.


18/12/2008, 11:43  
Blogger Q said...

Scorps I totally agree with you, I know the mainstream media is not what one should rely on, and I said it here before you so I'm not the one u have to explain this to buddy.. I completely know how the Pak & Ind media are building the propaganda and I know abt the civilian trusts u talk abt as well...

I know most of he alternative views and conspiracy theories out there as well..

And I hear a lot of shit from people in the Pak military, Govt, and other political parties - relatives all over the place..

Indians may have reason to believe that it were Pakistanis who bombed them but then why are these Pakistanis bombing Pakistan?

Trust me they ain't Pakistanis..

18/12/2008, 12:03  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Checked it Otts.... shouldn't have given it so much attention... Thxs... cheers

18/12/2008, 14:25  
Anonymous scorpicity said...


Many aspects in your last line are in many ways indeed true. It is rather complicated and Otts will give us the boot if we continue this further here on this site LOL.

Hopefully we will catch up via mail. Am keen to try and understand what is happening and would like to hear your thoughts. We should discuss this in private. All I know if that this entire region is slowly but surely being disintegrated one at a time and nobody here is immune.


18/12/2008, 14:53  
Anonymous Ashish Verma said...

Today17’th December, I saw a poll results on MTV. Poll question was should Indian Team travel to Pak?
66 % replied yes, that Indian team should travel to Pak. Rest replied with no.
First of all let’s just ask them who lost someone near and dear during the BOMBAY attacks or other Past attacks that took place in INDIA.
I know this makes a logical question emotional, but I want to be emotional for my Country and its people.
I am not blaming normal Pak citizen or their Cricket team,

I don’t think that we should travel to Pak. I have always believed that Sports should not be mixed up with politics .But really we need to take care of our country and citizens.
We have behaved so nicely with Pak and its people, and look what we have got?
India should not go to Pak because of the inability of Pakistani Government and constant support to terrorists from Pak military (ISI). Pak government has been unable ,ineffective, uninterested, to stop the terrorist activities from its soil which is hurting our country and our innocent people “BIG TIME”.I know that Pak is also affected by terrorism now, but this is no excuse for death of our own people.

“If fire at your house is spreading & hurting your neighbors, your neighbors has the right to protect their house and their families”.
“If you cannot extinguish the fire of your own house, means you are unable or you don’t care what is happening around”.
I feel sorry and express my deep feelings for people on both sides on the border killed due to these attacks over the years.
But as rightly said by Sachin Tendulkar ”It was an attack on India.”(on Bombay attacks)
And really it is. Isn’t?
So bottom-line is Pakistani government has failed to stop these terrorists activities from there own soil, and we have the right to protect ourself. Furthermore, Pakistani regime is like a “new born BABY”, It will only take time only to figure out where these groups are, their coordination with Pak military and ISI , which is a big question mark.

Why the hell we should care whether on other side ISI cooperate with Pak government or not?

Also Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) is not in a “good shape” nowadays. Tour refusal by Aussie team, Cancellation of Champions Trophy. They must have given PCB the points that why they cannot travel to Pak? Its hurting PCB.
So Indian government can press PANIC button but disallowing Indian team to travel to Pak and really put some more pressure on PCB and hence on Pak govt.
The security of touring teams, including INDIA is still a big question. Bombs exploding on daily or weekly basis in different cities in Pak. Well I and billions of other don’t wanna see Tendulkar or Dhoni under any kind of Danger.

18/12/2008, 15:32  
Blogger Q said...

Sure Scorps.. will discuss after the weekend.. going to Pakistan for 2 days..

18/12/2008, 15:47  
Blogger Ottayan said...


First a huge thanks for your well thought out comments.

Most of us will agree with you that the Pak government needs to know that India means business.

The dilemma is should cricket be a part of it?

18/12/2008, 16:40  

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