Pakistan Tour cancellation – It is the correct decision

The Indian cricket team’s tour of Pakistan has generated a good healthy discussion on this blog. If yesterday I assumed that, the majority was for a delayed tour today our readers have proved that the naysayers are in equal number.

Philip9876 another of regular readers has left a stinging retort at my feeble attempt to differentiate between sporting and political relations with Pakistan.

Here is his retort in full; the Ott he refers to is none other than me.

Ott, its easy to say that we should decouple politics and sports. But just going thru the sports minister's quote. "One team comes and mows down 190 people and they want another team to go there and play as if nothing happened?"

I dont even want to have any sort of communication with the country of Pakistan and her people. By going to Pak, the PCB would have made $20million. PCB is headed by Miandad, who in turn is a close relative of Dawood. Dawood is known to bet on cricket matches. With a relative of one of the world's dreaded criminal related to the PCB so closely, how do we trust the PCB any more? What's a guarantee that Miandad/Dawood nexus wont fix the matches or profit in private from the matches?

The money earned by betting on the matches will be used by Dawood to further his drug trade and to help ISI foment terror in India and the region.

Why give them a chance? I heard that PCB is in deep trouble and that by India pulling out, its on the verge of collapse. That's what i always wanted. To let Pakistan know that there is cost to escalating tensions and to pursue its wellknown policy of bleeding India with a thousand cuts. The only weapon that India has is economics. WE should use it to strangle Pak as much as possible so that the next time they even think of fomenting terror, they should pee in their pants.

As for all the people who say that both politics and sports should be apart, i would like to hear their comments after the next team from Pakistan comes and mows down his/her family.

We should have no contacts with Pak. Period. There are many more civilised countries in the world to play cricket with.

Though I do not necessarily agree with all he has said, I believe some of his points are irrefutable.

What do you think?

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

Well that settles it... the government has taken the decision... all right. Apparently, the players also privately refused to tour.

Now the next question, what are the 'real' measures to rein in this problem? I wish they answer that.

19/12/2008, 11:27  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Whatever India does it will fructify only when Pakistan looks inwards and resolves to stop letting their people and their country from being exploited by nefarious agencies.

19/12/2008, 12:24  
Blogger Homer said...


India should not play Pakistan at the present moment for the exact same reason Pakistan does not play at Mumbai.


19/12/2008, 12:49  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Could you elaborate on why Pak is unwilling to play in Mumbai.

P/S/ I am ignorant of the reason.

19/12/2008, 12:52  
Blogger Homer said...

The Shiv Sena - basically a very vocal lunatic fringe scares the Pakistani team from playing in Mumbai despite all the assurances of safety.

The exact same argument applies to India playing in Pakistan at the moment!

19/12/2008, 14:38  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Never knew about Shiv Sena's threat.

19/12/2008, 15:24  
Blogger Soulberry said...

Eventually India will have to play Pakistan but this isn't the time.

19/12/2008, 20:20  
Blogger Ravindran said...

I think we have already played our last match against Pakistan.In the meantime Srilanka is fishing in troubled waters.
The decision not to tour Pakistan now is correct.

19/12/2008, 23:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another strong reason for not having these countries play is that the players will be under lot of pressure and whichever team loses will be in deep trouble.

20/12/2008, 02:44  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I do not believe it is that bad provided Pakistan cleans up its act.

20/12/2008, 05:36  
Blogger Ottayan said...


That is a valid point. Glad you brought it up.

20/12/2008, 05:37  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Pakistan is unable to do much in the matter.
Unless we decide to play in a neutral venue setting aside political reasons,which is unlikely to happen, it is gone as good.

20/12/2008, 14:43  

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