Odds favour Australia

Australia-South Africa Series 2008

The bookmakers consider Australia as favourites at 1.80 to win the series whereas South Africa is listed at 3.45.

However, a true blue punter knows that he can make a large profit by betting on South Africa, as they are a truly balanced side. In addition, Australia though a strong side has been seriously tested in India and found wanting.

Whom do you favour?


Anonymous scorpicity said...

I have already stuck my neck out on the saffers.

18/12/2008, 11:31  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I too have the same gut feeling.

18/12/2008, 11:45  
Anonymous scorpicity said...


Otts, this sums up my first innings frustration.

18/12/2008, 16:29  
Anonymous lazybug said...

They lost! That made my weekend.

22/12/2008, 19:25  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I think there is a whole lot of people who enjoyed it.:)

22/12/2008, 20:00  

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