Mohali Test: This match is going nowhere.

5th Day 2nd Test match India v England 2008

The fall of Pietersen and Flintoff at the fag end of the third day’s play killed almost all chances of result. If there was some possibility left, it died along with Sehwag’s run out.

From now on, this match holds only an academic interest. Maybe one can speculate how soon or when Dhoni will declare the innings close.

However, it is inconceivable that Dhoni sitting pretty on a 1-0 lead will make a sporting declaration and his declaration is going to provide the necessary twist in the tale.

In all probability, this is going to be one of the notorious Mohali draws. Given the conditions, it is surprising that test matches at Mohali inevitably end in a draw.

At the fag end of the day or at the close of the match I am expecting Dravid to announce his retirement.

Do you think Dravid will announce his retirement?


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Blogger Ravindran said...

I expect Dravid to announce his retirement after the day or even before it.
Dhoni can rev it up by declaring early and see if he can drive it in. We need two wins to go up the ranking ladder.

23/12/2008, 08:05  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I do not think he will announce his retirement in the morning purely because it could prove a distraction. Possibly, at lunch as the fate of the match would be known by then. It will also give enough time for Dhoni to do his PR stunts.

As for the declaration, I doubt whether he will declare before lunch and thus rule out all results barring a draw.

23/12/2008, 08:41  

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