Is it the sign of the times?

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All these years’ Australian cricket teams were largely immune to umpiring errors. Even if they were prey to a couple,the Australians imperiously shrugged it off and continued their winning ways. Notably their opponents bore the brunt of them.

Adding to their legend a theory made the rounds that as Australia were truly dominant; the umpires sub consciously favoured them. If one were to take what happened in the first two tests of the present series, then those days of enjoying the benefits of umpiring errors are over.

Consider this, Mathew Hayden was given caught and bowled at Perth, when the ball clearly bounced of his pads. Mike Hussey was also erroneously given out caught to a ball that bounced off his helmet during the second test. Both these decisions stymied not only the batsmen but also Australia’s quest for a win.

Impartial observers like this blogger believe that these umpiring errors indicate that Australia’s dominant ways are over and it is time to bring out the bubbly.


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Anonymous Lazybug said...

Does that mean they'll start whining about the smallest of umpiring errors? I hope it does.

31/12/2008, 15:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...


They have already piled on Aleem Dar.

31/12/2008, 15:42  
Anonymous lazybug said...

That's quite awesome then...

31/12/2008, 15:51  
OpenID philip9876 said...

Its time to pile on the misery on the Aussies ;)

Happy New Year Ott. Looking forward to another year of great cricket updates.

01/01/2009, 06:30  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Happy New Year Philip.

Will do my best.:)

01/01/2009, 07:35  

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