IPL player trading regulations

IPL finalises player trading regulations

The Indian Premier League has unveiled a new set of player recruitment roles ahead of the 2009 season.

A trading window for those players already contracted to the competition will open on 22 December ahead of the auction in February for new players who have not featured previously.

Some Highlights :

Player regulations

The maximum number of international players in each squad at 10. However, the number of international players in the playing eleven would remain constant at four. Squads will not be allowed temporary replacements from 2009 onwards to cover partial unavailability of a player during the season. The only temporary replacements allowed will be in the situation where a player is completely unavailable for a whole IPL season.

Salary Cap/Auction Purse

The 2008 Salary Cap will cease to have effect and no unused amount of the 2008 purse can be used in 2009. There will be no cap on Player Fees payable to players acquired by the franchises during the trading window. The trading window is only for players who were part of the IPL in 2008.

Player Trading Window & Auction

The Trading Window will be open from 12 Noon IST 22 December 2008 to 5 pm IST on 22 January 2009. Franchises shall have opportunities during the trading window to trade players - either by offering to sell a player via trade or expressing an interest to acquire a player - prior to any trading discussions the player's consent must be obtained. Negotiations between the two franchises should be only with regard to the Player Fee payable. The other terms of the Player Contract (for example the period of the contract) may not be varied.

If more than one franchise is interested in buying the player, the "selling" franchise shall negotiate with all interested Franchises. The "selling" Franchise shall have the discretion as to which offer to accept. Each Franchise is restricted to purchasing a maximum aggregate of a total of four Overseas and Team India Players during the Trading Window - subject always to the IPL squad composition rules. There is no limit on the number of Players that a Franchise can sell.

Player Auction Rules

A Player Auction will be held on Friday, 6 February 2009 for "NEW" players that did not feature in the IPL 2008 season. All Overseas players will however, require an NOC to play in the IPL. Outside the Auction process but subject to the Squad Composition rules with respect to Overseas Players, each Franchise will have the option to purchase any number of Uncapped "NEW" players by a direct agreement.

An Uncapped overseas player is one who, at the date the Player Contract is signed, neither

a) Has ever played senior international cricket (Test, ODI, International Twenty20), nor
b) Has a Central contract with his National Association

Each Franchise will have the sum of US$2million to spend on 2009 Player Fees for players who are acquired either

  • In the Auction
  • Through signing uncapped "new" players
  • Through re-signing any 2008 temporary replacements


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Blogger Ravindran said...

We can have an idea of the unwanteds in each franchise.

Franchise will be more careful this time in choosing players.None of them may touch the revised cap if they are sensible.

18/12/2008, 07:34  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Agree with you R. However, what are the franchisees going to do with the unwanted?

18/12/2008, 08:22  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Soon both the ICL and the IPL will be overpopulated with so-called stars and there is bound to be some bitching going around.

Delhi has already signed up a young state player opener from Australia. How are they going to use all these signings has to be explained by these guys.

18/12/2008, 10:09  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I think they are signing up all and sundry so that when new franchisees are doled out they have no quality players to sign up.

18/12/2008, 10:35  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Ah! Otts... that makes sense.

18/12/2008, 11:22  

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