India should tour Pakistan

Yesterday, I had written a longwinded post on why India should abort its tour of Pakistan. As I had expected, it garnered quiet a few intelligent responses. (Fortunately, there has been no bigoted responses as yet.:))

Going by those responses it is easy to conclude that the majority want the tour to go on albeit with one caveat i.e., after a delay.

Scorpicity one of our regulars has taken the pains to give a detailed justification on why the tour should go on. As a mark of respect for his opinion and the amount of time he spent in the detailed response, I reproduce his comment here as it is worthy of further examination.

Read on:

Am one of those who says India should not cut ties playing with Pakistan.

Cutting sporting ties is not going to help stop terrorism nor stop the CIA/Mossad controlled pets like the ISI from doing its nefarious deeds. It has not changed anything in the past. So why such an eye-wash that will have no impact whatsoever.

The impact this will have is to remove contacts and grow good old half-baked info backed animosity of Indian/Pakistani fans, players with the general people in Pakistan thus giving a good breeding environment for the evil folks in their establishment to spread their lies.

Let's consider this, ever since the earlier Pakistan tour, the IPL/ICL, a bit of bollywood crap, the mindset of Indian and Pakistani people have considerably changed towards each other. Both in many ways start to realize that either side are not blood suckers that are out to wipe each other out.

However, even this doesn't change anything for the pets in the establishment except that it would be difficult for these forces to sell more garbage about India in Pakistan. That is a small but distinct and much needed advantage which is required to foster peace. Same likewise.

However I also understand that it is impossible to neglect political spills over into cricket, as in this case, a very strong one.

So should India tour Pakistan? Yes, but not in January. We should consider the security aspect in relation to Otts point on the sensitivities of say a possible mishap and hence alternative venues may make sense for a while even though it is totally farcical for the context for Ind-PAK cricket.

  1. To start with, let the investigation get over completely and all facts, reports about the same be publicly disclosed. I am going to emphasize this... we as the people of India has to demand that the report be available in public domain in entirety.
  2. Critically examine that report to ensure there are no goof-ups like in the earlier cases and strengthen the case a.k.a ensure all truths are covered in the report.
  3. Take a definitive call after that on all aspects, both politically and or cricket, whatever. Until then, no need for knee-jerk reactions but things can be put on a simmer.

What do you believe now, should the tour go on?


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Blogger Straight Point said...

the situation is so delicately poised that even the smallest mishap will be blown out of proportion around world...

we all seems to agree that this is not the right time to start the tour...

18/12/2008, 11:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still no. Am glad to see that the govt has cancelled the tour. I hope we dont play Pak for many many many years to come.

18/12/2008, 16:41  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I admire your consistency.:)

18/12/2008, 16:49  
Blogger Trideep said...


Still the same view.. No cricket between us for now.

18/12/2008, 21:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ott, its easy to say that we should decouple politics and sports. But just going thru the sports minister's quote. "One team comes and mows down 190 people and they want another team to go there and play as if nothing happened?"

I dont even want to have any sort of communication with the country of Pakistan and her people. By going to Pak, the PCB would have made $20million. PCB is headed by Miandad, who in turn is a close relative of Dawood. Dawood is known to bet on cricket matches. With a relative of one of the world's dreaded criminal related to the PCB so closely, how do we trust the PCB any more? What's a guarantee that Miandad/Dawood nexus wont fix the matches or profit in private from the matches?

The money earned by betting on the matches will be used by Dawood to further his drug trade and to help ISI foment terror in India and the region.

Why give them a chance? I heard that PCB is in deep trouble and that by India pulling out, its on the verge of collapse. That's what i always wanted. To let Pakistan know that there is cost to escalating tensions and to pursue its wellknown policy of bleeding India with a thousand cuts. The only weapon that India has is economics. WE should use it to strangle Pak as much as possible so that the next time they even think of fomenting terror, they should pee in their pants.

As for all the people who say that both politics and sports should be apart, i would like to hear their comments after the next team from Pakistan comes and mows down his/her family.

We should have no contacts with Pak. Period. There are many more civilised countries in the world to play cricket with.

19/12/2008, 06:00  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Philip makes a strong point on the other side of the divide. That is fine if the government has some real policy on what they want to do in line with philip's excellent points.

On one hand they sign a multi-billion dollar pipeline for gas with Pakistan and Iran and on the other, they stop a cricket team. Bonkers!

19/12/2008, 11:34  

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