The ICL embargo

Cricket ICL Christmas Reports say ICC’s three top officials- David Morgan, Sharad Pawar and Haroon Lorgat met Subhash Chandra, the owner of the ICL at New Delhi.
As reported earlier, ICL’s application to the ICC demanding recognition has been gathering dust primarily due to the BCCI. This meeting however implies all the parties concerned including the obdurate BCCI have realized the importance of resolving this pesky issue at the earliest.
Consequently, this cloak and dagger meeting gains significance as it may provide relief to the cricketers; the various support staff and the administrators who now stand ostracized for associating themselves with this rebel league.
Cricinfo, a leading website, speculates that the ICL may be accommodated as an authorised tournament albeit as a tournament of exhibition matches. This will let those who want to play in ICL continue playing without the fear of being banned.
However the Subhash Chandra owned Zee news, reports that the, “ICC was contemplating an ICL window in its calendar. ICC board is scheduled to meet on January 31st next year (2009) where the resolution in this regard would be drafted”.
Apparently, the parties concerned are still imparting their own spin to the issue. Let us hope the New Year ends this vexatious issue.
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Anonymous scorpicity said...

This is great and finally! However all preliminary reports indicate that they would accommodate the ICL but make it tougher for any other new ones.

26/12/2008, 20:15  
Blogger Ottayan said...

I am for lesser tournaments as more of them will dilute the intensity.

27/12/2008, 05:34  

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