Full-strength England to return

England will go ahead with a two-Test series in India with a full-strength squad after receiving security assurances.

This sets to rest any uncertainty about whether they play in India in the aftermath of the Mumbai Terror attack.

The BCCI have switched the venues for the Tests from Ahmedabad and Mumbai to Chennai and Mohali respectively in order to reassure the ECB and the English Cricketers.

However, doubts whether Mohali will stage the second Test still linger. If ECB finds the venue unacceptable, Bangalore and Delhi are possible alternative locations.

Both the Indian and the English cricketers have done the right thing by agreeing to continue the series. Nonetheless, this is an unhappy situation for them and surely, the quality of cricket will suffer.


Brave Image by pyza


Anonymous scorpicity said...

Maybe India should do a favour by loosing to them :). I wonder what they will then say.

09/12/2008, 13:01  
Blogger Ottayan said...


The English press is already calling them brave - a win should make them capable of winning the 'Ashes'. :)

09/12/2008, 13:22  

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