Fear of Indian takeover of ICC irrational: Malcolm Speed

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Former International Cricket Council CEO Malcolm Speed believes fear of Indian takeover of ICC is greatly exaggerated.

"India's vote has the same value as Australia's and the other full member countries. If there is concern about irresponsible use of power, there are processes in place to deal with this, and the other countries should take firm positions and make them clear," he said.

So who is actually fanning the flame (fear)?

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

Now where did this come from Speed... I thought he was long lost.

Interesting eh... his views on the inside working of the ICC.

05/12/2008, 14:56  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Thew second part of the interview is due tomorrow. :)

05/12/2008, 15:01  
Blogger Straight Point said...

does bcci has opening in near future...?

05/12/2008, 16:02  
Blogger A Bisht said...

I think, he's allaying the fears inside him, by uttering such rubbish. And the fears are genuine. In cricket, the real power is shifting to the countries, who have the numbers(viewers) with them; and unless China takes cricket in a big way and build the India like fan following in a couple of years; which seems pure imagination; India is the real power center.

so what'll rules do, if the cricket economics is with India and Hayden's third world countries.

05/12/2008, 17:52  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You have a suspicious mind.:)

05/12/2008, 18:38  
Blogger Ottayan said...


What he is saying is there is a give and take. The BCCI does all the giving the rest do thwe'taking'.:)

05/12/2008, 18:40  

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