Day 3,1st Test, India England Chepauk

6.30 A.M.

Even their most optimistic fan must be feeling pessimistic about India’s chances. The sorry state of the innings is partly due to Sehwag’s failure. For the last year or so, it has been Sehwag, who not only provides an impetus to the Indian innings but also bulk of the runs. Our recent success has been fashioned around his belligerence.

It is also time to drop Dravid. Undoubtedly, he has been our mainstay in the past and served Indian cricket well. Nevertheless, the time for being sentimental or being grateful for his contribution is past.

Similarly, it is time to jettison ‘Project Yuvraj’. It is evident that test cricket is beyond the scope of his ‘airy fairy’ technique. Once again, he has demonstrated his inability to adapt to the longer format.

Coming to today’s game, the tail enders have to give sufficient opportunities for Dhoni to whittle away the lead. Evidently, India has no hope of saving this test match. Their only hope is to reduce the chase to a manageable level. For that to happen, the Indian bowling has to come to the fore.


Blogger RS said...

If Viru/Gambhir fail the rest fail -- seems like the daredevils saga? And Yuvraj needs to be a pinch hitter (certain pitches/certain scenarios...). Time for a captain's knock? I am not very pessimistic as yet :)

13/12/2008, 07:01  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Good Morning,RS. Glad to see the recession has failed to dent your interest in cricket.:)

I am also optimistic, nay, praying for a Captains knock.:)

13/12/2008, 07:11  

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