Cricket and psychologists do not gel

Martin Crowe is one other unimpressed former cricketer.He joins many disbelievers of the psychology mumbo- jumbo.

Former captain Martin Crowe criticised the New Zealand cricket team’s use of leadership consultants and believes their methods had impaired teamwork, form and confidence. “They don’t know anything about cricket but are asking players to fill in forms for a peer assessment”.

Where the psychology entourages have failed is in not bringing any lasting improvement in a teams or an individual’s play. They may have put their finger on what is wrong but failed to put it right. Hence, the improvements appear transient.

Their failure can stem from their (as Crowe points) ignorance of the intricacies of cricket or due to the inherent unwillingness of their wards to implement what they learnt.It appears as though the psychologist have failed to overcome customer (cricketers) resistance.

Whatever be the reason, the psychologists will agree that they were able to fill the pail but unable to light the fire.  ("Education is not just the filling of a pail; it is the lighting of a fire." - B. F. Skinner,American psychologist)

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

Hmm... what is happening... I ain't got a clue.

05/12/2008, 14:58  
Blogger Ottayan said...

The psychologist haven't a clue either.

05/12/2008, 18:45  

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