Chennai Test Cleared

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Well, one suspense is over.

Dickason, ECB's security man, has cleared Chennai and in all probability the Chennai Test is on as per the revised schedule.

In Chennai, Dickason had discussions with Srinivasan, who is also president of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA), which manages the MA Chidambaram stadium, and had security-related discussions with Chennai's police commissioner and other officials. He also visited the venue around afternoon and inspected the dressing rooms and the players' sitting areas.

"Based on the discussions held and the clarifications given, the BCCI expects no problem with the first Test being held in Chennai," Srinivasan said.

Now we will have to wait for him to clear Mohali. In a related development the English team is to have a practice match at Dubai to prepare themselves for the continuance of the interrupted tour.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

they cud still suggest that lets have the test series in Dubai....

I doubt if rains will allow a result in test in chennai....we last had a result in Chennai test way back in 2001....

03/12/2008, 20:59  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Don't worry, the rains will not mar the match.

04/12/2008, 05:01  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Sorry Otts... after this cyclone, today there is a depression formed close and rains are again expected... question is whether it will pass before the match.

Chennai is cursed.

05/12/2008, 15:02  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Scorpi, you killjoy.

05/12/2008, 18:43  

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