Abdul Qadir moots new-fangled ideas

Cricket selectors jokers muppets Pakistan cricket’s chief selector Abdul Qadir wants Test, ODI-type trial matches clip_image002clip_image001clip_image002[1]to select the national team for the series against Sri Lanka starting in January.

Better men have failed to overcome the regional bias and the partisanship of those involved in the selection process. Only time will tell whether Qadir can overcome the regional and the personal bias of others involved in the selection process and succeed in naming the ideal squad.
He has also proposed the introduction of separate Captains and teams for the longer and shorter format of the game. Though this is not revolutionary, it is an idea that is contrary to the present trend. Earlier other cricket playing nations like India, Australia and England, to name a few, had different captains for each format but they have now reverted to the tried and tested formula of one player captaining the team in all the formats.
This is in part due to rise of players like Dhoni, Pietersen, Smith and Ponting who excel in all the formats of the game. However, when it comes to Pakistan this may not work as Shoaib Malik is deemed a weak Test Captain and a better ODI player and hence a stronger ODI captain. It could also help the rein in the rank self-centeredness of some of the seniors who miss no opportunity to trip current captain.
Do you believe Abdul Qadir’s ideas practical or are they eyewash?
Cricket News Online Live on Abdul Qadir Chief Selector of Pakistan Cricket
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Anonymous scorpicity said...

Are there some hidden messages in this post with all those bold words LOL. For the moment, they should not mess with anything until they get a lot of matches under their belt.

26/12/2008, 20:17  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Qadir is trying to prove his worth.:)

27/12/2008, 05:36  

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