4th Day, 2nd Test, Mohali, India v England 2008.

What will Dhoni do?

Cricket News Online Live Question The third day's play began and ended in an identical manner i.e., in a flurry of wickets.

If the morning session was India’s, England owned the middle session. However, the removal of Pietersen and Flintoff in the final overs of the third day’s play has brought the match in control of India again.

From the looks of it, India may end up with a lead of 100 runs. From then on, the fate of the match depends on how quickly India extends the lead. Going by the happenings in the last Test match and the one that ended in Australia yesterday, no total appears safe.

It will be interesting to see how the young and vibrant Dhoni uses the opportunities at the end of today’s play. Will he play safe, protect his series lead and or will he be venturesome, and force a result?

What do you think?

India v England second test scoreboard

Image by Karoly Szente

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