2nd DAY 1st Test India-England Chepauk

5.00 P.M.

Graeme Swann claimed two wickets in his first over in Test cricket but keen observers will have noticed that his second wicket was that of the sitting duck Dravid. Dravid’s form is such that any ball pitched on or just outside the off stump and short of good length will find him prodding at the ball from the creases. The result either is a snick or bowled which looks spectacular on television.The difference was this time he was out lbw.

However, this was said not belittle Swann’s effort; it was indeed a great first over for the debutant Swann. What can one say about the next two wickets? It was an unexpected gift – a bumper one for England. Both Tendulkar and Laxman are guilty of squandering away their good start and handing the advantage over to England.

Surprisingly Yuvraj, who came in next, lasted 41 balls and perished to an airy wave at a ball seaming away from outside the off stump. To no ones surprise, Ravi Shastri was urging him to tighten up his technique if he is serious about continuing to play test cricket. One is amazed at the number of chances Yuvraj gets and the number of times he has proved to be bad test cricketer purely on account of his loose technique.

Now Dhoni is alone to fight the good fight with the tail enders.

The England bowlers have combined beautifully and consolidated on the good work done by the batsman. Unless Dhoni or some else hits a purple patch, India is sure to gift England a substantial lead. India will have to do the running from now on.



Mishra landed a body blow to England’s ambition of scoring 400 by removing their star all-rounder Andrew Flintoff in the third over of the day. He then followed it up removing the obdurate Anderson who had by then put on 42 runs with Prior.

Then Harbhajan stepped up and dismissed Graeme Swann with a ball that bounced and turned. Harmison hung on while Prior landed some lusty blows and inched the score past 300. A beauty from Yuvraj, who to Bowden’s amusement did not know that he had Harmison out, broke their partnership.

Finally, Ishanth Sharma trapped Panesar leg-before and England was all out for 316.

The Indian spinners have shown the way, now it is up to the English spinners to add competitiveness to this Test match.


6.00 A.M.

Have England done enough after winning the toss was the question on everyone’s mind at the close of the 1st days play. From the Indian team’s point of view England have failed to capitalise on their luck with the toss.

Not only have their run rate been anaemic they have lost their top five batsmen. Though Strauss claims that a score of 400 is good in India, it is doubtful whether that score will give them a substantial lead at the end of the Indian first innings.

If they have to browbeat the Indians, England has to score over 500 runs. Considering the state of their innings that appears unlikely.

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Blogger Ravindran said...

This match will end in four days in favour of England.

12/12/2008, 17:58  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Absolutely, there is no way out for India.

12/12/2008, 19:36  
Blogger Bored Member said...

sure hope it doesn't rain, like to see this test thru. need some more closure on team selection.

12/12/2008, 21:23  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You appear not only bored but also fed up.:)

13/12/2008, 06:33  

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