Pakistan tour is off

In what appears to be a response to the role of Pakistan in the recent Mumbai terror attack, the Indian government has called off the Indian cricket team’s tour of Pakistan.

They have also signaled the seriousness with which they view Pakistan’s involvement by ruling out the possibility of the tour going ahead in a neutral venue. The very act of negating the possibility of playing in a neutral venue reveals it is not the security situation in Pakistan but a policy decision by the government of India to severe all sporting ties with Pakistan.

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Blogger Soulberry said...

What must also have conviced the government was the quick about turn made by the melodramatic Pakistan foreign minister and the prime minister within 24 hours of their public promise. This was soon followed by the president's statement which contains inconsistencies - he suggests Manmohan Singh did not ask - maybe the snailmail hasn't reached him but the PM asked publicly.

That shows the government of Pakistan is not its own government - it is still puppet to other forces. That must have made it all the moredangerous to proceed. How can you take the assurances of people who cannot stand by their word within the day? The second time you ask them about it?

It is sad that civilian governments, democratically elected, do not matter in Pakistan.

01/12/2008, 03:29  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I agree with you. They are unreliable neighbors and it has come to a stage where India has to take a bold decision.

01/12/2008, 05:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy that we will have no sporting ties with Pak. Time to kick out all actors, singers, musicians of Pak origin from India. Seal the borders and ban any Pak civilian flight over India too.

Let's crush them economically. Really sick of these bastards.

01/12/2008, 05:45  
Blogger Ottayan said...


There are many bleeding hearts who will come out of the wood work to claim sports should not be mired in politics.

01/12/2008, 06:55  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Nice to see you resume operations through the last few days Otts :)

It also looks like the world cup in 2011 will be off.

01/12/2008, 11:19  
Blogger Straight Point said...

they are still run by Military under the mask of democracy...zardari agreed to the send him impromptu only to realize that they also have to seek the approval from Ms...

this reminds me of once famous movie dialogue...

three A rules pakisthan...

allah, america, army...

01/12/2008, 11:20  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Worlds Cup 2011- let us hope nothing happens to it.p

01/12/2008, 12:09  
Blogger Ottayan said...


A very sorry state of affairs.

01/12/2008, 12:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ISI and the army are the real shot callers in Pak...Zardari and Gilani are puppets and dummy rulers....Kiani is the one who calls the shots...Day 1 -- ISI chief coming to India...DAy 2 -- director of ISI coming....Day 3 -- nobody is coming!!

wtf, are we doin a joke or what ?

And calling off tour is judicious decision based on security and current escalated tension!!

01/12/2008, 21:50  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Pakistan's continued intransigence shows how much they 'fear' India.

02/12/2008, 05:03  
Anonymous lazybug said...

This is a correct decision. I hope more serious political and strategic steps are taken against the rogue govt. of Pakistan.

04/12/2008, 16:05  

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