Lalit Modi – Is he sensitive or insensitive?

The British media, as often is the case, are confused on how to react to the impact of the Mumbai Terror attacks on the India-England Test series.

The dismal performance of their team in the ODI series, where they were on their way to a 7-0 whitewash has added to their confusion.

As a result, instead of analyzing the tour, they have taken the easy way out and concentrated their ire on crickets’ favourite whipping boy, Lalit Modi.

Their confusion is evident as one British newspaper The Daily Mail describes him as “crass and insensitive whereas The Independent praises Modi for being sensitive.

“It is highly unlikely England will return whatever the cost to the ECB’s relationship with the Indian Board and, specifically, Lalit Modi, the Indian administrator who pulls the strings here. He had earlier shown crass insensitivity by announcing that the series would go ahead as new explosions were taking place in Mumbai. (The Daily Mail)

“Modi, who is the most single important and influential cricket administrator in the world, was at his most conciliatory and gracious yesterday and he was quite obviously shaken and moved by what had happened,” it said. (The Independent)
While we leave them to arrive at a conclusion, this blogger subscribes to the view that cricket has ceased its existence as a game and evolved into a multi-billion & industry and hence Modi as the Vice-President of the BCCI is right in continuing the series.

Do you think is Modi being insensitive? 
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Anonymous Leg Break said...

I think everyone should just take a break, a deep breath, and a cup of tea before thinking about what to do next.

Now is not the tme for cricket politics.

29/11/2008, 15:26  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

I agree with you that this is not the time to score brownie points but at the same time talking of not talking about cricket is appears a over reaction.

29/11/2008, 16:10  
Blogger Sam said...

Cricket can wait :) let situation be normal and then we can go ahead wid it....

And English media has been as confused and irritating as ever...They need an excuse for hiding their team s lampoon performace....

If test tour happen and expectedly if they get thrashed 0-2, then the media wud be saying the security lingered in their mind and that led to the defeat!!

BTW how abt remindin them abt the London blasts in 2005 during Ashes ? dint the tour go on ?

29/11/2008, 19:08  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Have u read what Modi said that brought this reaction.As I see it the English team may not come to play the tests.

29/11/2008, 22:44  
Blogger Ottayan said...


There is no point in reminding then about the London blasts. They have selective amnesia.:)

30/11/2008, 05:41  
Blogger Ottayan said...

They reacted to Modi's statement on when the Tet series will start.

30/11/2008, 05:42  
OpenID philip9876 said...

I dont see any sympathy for BCCI. When asked for a 1 minute silence before starting the match, Ratnakar Shetty brushed it off insensitively. Just a few days later the terrorists struck Bombay and the 2 one dayers were cancelled.

Am happy that the haughty BCCI has lost some money and clout. Modi/BCCI forget that it pays to be humble. It doesnt matter if we dont play cricket for some time to come. There are more pressing issues to look into now.

Am sure our players are more happy now that they get more time to rest and recoup from the incessant cricket.

30/11/2008, 06:40  
Blogger Ravindran said...

The rest referred to by Mr Phillip may become semi permanent for our players and we may get to see less of them in ads.We may not get to play many matches in India hereafter.At the slightest disturbance the matches will be cancelled.We must be prepared for this eventuality.

30/11/2008, 07:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lalit Modi is a twit claiming to be brilliant. The guy stole the IPL idea from ICL and talks of it like he had thought about it long ago. Modi has criminal proceedings against him in USA and his family keeps him away from running the businesses. But dont be surprised Indian cricket administration is a magnet for politicians and criminals! No one cares about players, these bloody administrators and politicians should be sent to face the terrorists not our young men who give up so much to play or fight for the country.

30/11/2008, 12:53  
Blogger Ottayan said...

I knew he has criminal proceedings against him, but this is the first time I am hearing about him be kept away from family business.:)

"No one cares about players"- sad but true.

30/11/2008, 13:52  

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