Chennai Super Kings launches ‘Kings Club’

The Chennai Super Kings has announced the launch of its fan club ‘Kings Club’ and according to them, it is a first in cricket.

The membership programme consists of two membership levels — senior and junior and membership benefits include home ticket priority access and discounts for IPL home matches, invites to practice sessions, welcome gift hampers, participation in special events, newsletters, discounts on team merchandise available on the E store, photo opportunities with the cricketers, coaching clinics, online gaming, blogging and many more.

Apparently, CSK is trying to cash in on the interest generated by the upcoming Twenty20 Champions League. The franchisee owner’s claim that an annual membership fee of Rs. 500 for schoolchildren and Rs. 1000 for others, is reasonable, nevertheless it is doubtful whether CSK can entice their fans to commit financially for the assorted freebees.


Anonymous scorpicity said...

500 bucks for school children reasonable!

25/11/2008, 16:26  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Will they be interested scorpi?

25/11/2008, 16:47  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

i pity the parents... it is too much.

25/11/2008, 18:16  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Once 1 guy wears a merchandise, an exact photocopy will be there for 99 bucks in moore market. Might work though.

25/11/2008, 18:18  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I doubt it Scorpi, we do not have a tradition of spending money cricket memorabilia. Maybe the next generation may go for it.

25/11/2008, 18:24  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

i pass. only because i prefer passes. really, people buy tickets too, ummm

26/11/2008, 23:59  

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