A sound start to ICL’s ‘Season 2’

It appears that the Indian Cricket League is on a much sounder footing in its second season.ICL Cricket News Online Live

For starters they announced that Rs 13.92 crore, which includes Rs 2 crore to the winning team, is the total prize-money on offer for the ICL 20s Indian Championship, starting on Friday at four centres across the country.

The runner-up will take home Rs 1 crore, the losing semi-finalists would each get Rs 50 lakhs and each win in the preliminary stage will fetch Rs 25 lakhs.

In addition,the man of the series will be richer by Rs 40 lakhs while the man of the match will get Rs 200,000

Apart from the prize money, ICL has two more reasons to celebrate.

Firstly, Subhash Chandra owner of ICL met The International Cricket Council (ICC) President, David Morgan, in London to discuss the rebel Twenty20 venture’s demand for recognition. Morgan will now report the discussion to the ICC Board, which meets here on October 14 and 15.

Secondly, ICL received support in a round about way from FICA. Tim May the CEO of FICA said they are not in favour of banning all the players participating in the matches not recognised by the ICC. However, the support comes with a lot of if and buts.

In addition, the list of broadcasters who broadcast the ICL matches live appears to have grown.

In India, Zee Sports will telecast all matches live in Hindi, while Ten Sports will do the same in English. Along with Zee Sports & Ten Sports, BTV & ATN Bangla will telecast matches in Bangladesh, Gateway in North Africa, Telkom-Malaysia & Astro in Malaysia, Fox Sports in Australia, Zee Music in UK, Zee TV in Africa, Zee Sports in USA, Ten Sports in Pakistan & Middle East and Caribbean Media Corporation in West Indies and Caribbean Islands. Same way ICL’s web partners for this season-www.bollywood.tv, www.glutv.com, www.mypopkorn.com & www.watchindiatv.com will telecast the matches live.

This is certainly a sound start to ICL’s ‘Season 2’.

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

They are pumping in the pressure... read as money... i seriously wonder if some bribes have passed on to many officials... what a change in tune...Anyway good for us... more cricket, less fighting... The golden question in whether Subhash is doing this to quench his ego or is he really making any money.

10/10/2008, 20:11  
Blogger Straight Point said...

yes only 'sound' remained yesterday...not light... :)

11/10/2008, 13:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...


They have already bribed the officials - read, Kapil Dev, Kiran More ,Sandeep Patil etc., :)

11/10/2008, 15:02  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Good one. :0

11/10/2008, 15:03  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

very funny SP.
Not that funny 3rd day.

11/10/2008, 15:09  
Blogger Christopher Poshin David said...

Kapil's new found devils have started on a high but will ICL last?

12/10/2008, 16:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...


They are here to stay.

12/10/2008, 17:20  

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