Ravindran salutes Ganguly.

One of our regulars, Ravindran, has penned a simple but moving tribute to Ganguly. Here is what he had written.

Hail Ganguly!

Mark his words while announcing his retirement. "Hope WE (Not I) go on a winning note" This was the team man who was moronly accused of playing for money.

He announced his retirement just like one of his smooth silken drives that often made a mockery of thick deployment of human resources on the off side. He was singled out though his other famed colleagues also failed in Srilanka.

Ganguly is the first captain to inject self-confidence into his team players. He made them think that they can counter sledge and beat Australia in their home grounds.

Not for him the divisive senior/junior, fresh legs/frozen legs debate. He exuded confidence that rubbed on his teammates.

WE will miss him and his drives marked "Ganguly".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Moronly accused of playing for money" can't say that better. Thanks, Ott, for making a post of Ravindran's comments. Does he have a blog? I've never been able to view that thru his user profile.

08/10/2008, 17:08  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Ravindran does not have a blog. He is a lone ranger and prefers to ambush unsuspecting blogs and disappear without a trace.

08/10/2008, 18:40  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Thanks for reading my bit. No I dont have a blog. I am a compulsive co-blogger which u will agree is an easier job than looking out for subjects to write. NOt as adept as bloggers like otty and u. I mostly post my comments under the name of Lviss in cricketnext.com

08/10/2008, 20:24  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Nice... on a funny note may I add that some bowlers will also miss his jutting bum :).

10/10/2008, 20:24  
Blogger Ravindran said...

More than the bowlers the wicket keeper and the square leg fielder who can have a binocs view of his j bum will miss his bum and him in that order. The bowlers may like to brush their balls on the way to the wicket keeper.

11/10/2008, 14:06  

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