Ponting is not 100% sure whether he was insulted.

Reacting to Virendar Sehwag's bump catches at Sydney comment, Ponting says “That’s fairly insulting,” “In the first innings I didn’t claim a catch because I wasn’t 100 percent sure."

This leaves one bemused; for either you are insulted or not insulted, there is no in between.

So one fairly concludes that Pointing is not 100% sure whether he was insulted.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The series is slowly getting into form. Am loving it :D

09/10/2008, 05:44  
Blogger Ravindran said...

In shewags defence, he did not use the word cheating. He mentioned abt grounded catches being claimed. One thing is certain , the goodwill brought about by IPL looks tenuous.There r players on either side to spoil the party. Wonder why Bhajji is keeping quiet.Even Chawla said something sledgy.

09/10/2008, 06:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Bhajji is busy placating his community.

09/10/2008, 10:14  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

I think it gets under his skin when they mention that LOL... he had a similar episode with the bat yesterday.

10/10/2008, 20:18  

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