Mohali Test - Day II

6.30 P.M.

Unless Hussey pulls a rabbit out of the hat Australia at 102/4 is looking down the barrel of a gun. 

Disappointment in the sense that India failed to score 500.

Many congratulations to Amit Mishra - two for on debut is no joke. As far as I know other than Sivaramakrishnan and Hirwani - no other debutant leg spinner has performed as creditably.


3.49 P.M.

With a bit of luck, India can change the course of the match in its favor. If they get rid of Hussey or Clarke then tomorrow its is ours.

3.43 P.M.

Mishra gets his first wicket.

2.45 P.M.

Ponting out for 5. I am thoroughly convinced that young Ishant has his number. I admit to entertaining hopes of an Indian victory. smile

2.27 P.M.

Ganguly threw it away immediately after his century. Then Dhoni had a brain fade out- ran out Zaheer and got out immediately.

However, India redeemed itself by getting the wicket of Hayden for a duck.Zaheer yet again got rid of him in the first over. A strange coincidence, Hayden has got out twice on the third ball.

I am really impressed with Siddle. Though he gave away more than 100 runs, he took 3 wickets on a unhelpful pitch. He should be justifiably proud of his work. Australia surely has an excellent prospect.

12.37 P.M.

Hundred number 16 for Ganguly.

Dhoni is also on the way. He is on 61.  Now that 500 is tantalizingly close.

11.35 A.M.

India progresses serenely to 401/6 at lunch on the second day. The serenity undoubtedly brought on by Ganguly and the stand- in captain Dhoni. For once Dhoni showed glimpses of the batting skills that elevated him to the No.1 ODI batsmen in ICC rankings.

Ganguly 8 short of his century. If he does hit a century then you can expect the media to go overboard about his retirement.

Coming back to the Test match - I would say India certainly in the driving seat. The scoring rate has also been excellent. The match will truly be ours if they finish up the day around 500.

However, yesterday, Johnson bowled an excellent spell immediately after lunch to rattle India. Let us hope Dhoni and Ganguly navigate the session without further alarms.


Dhoni hits the accelerator.

Well! Well! Well! Indian has progressed to 362/6 with Dhoni showing glimpses of his ODI form.He has hit 27 of 27 balls with 4 fours and a six.

5.40 A.M.

Indian team celebrates Sachin's achievement with Champagne.

O.K. It is an unique achievement and needs to be celebrated. However, I hope they do not get carried away and forget that they are in the midst of a Test. The celebrations can wait.

5.00 A.M.

India in command - Will Dhoni come of age?

Having put up a good score on the First day - India has every reason to believe that they have the upper hand. However, I believe that a lot of hard work needs to be done today.
India should look to bat the Australians out of the game and therefore should score another 200 runs. Against the Australian's it is easier said than done and so it is imperative that Dhoni makes his presence felt in the Test arena.

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Blogger Ravindran said...

Hoping too much.They will celebrate it for the next 50 years with anniversaries.XYZ shd keep off the celebrations if they dont like it.

18/10/2008, 06:12  
Blogger Ravindran said...

I expect another 100 runs more added to the total and at the end of the third day we will be fighting for survival as usual.Expect the expected.

18/10/2008, 06:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...


"XYZ shd keep off the celebrations if they dont like it." - I am not celebrating. :)

If a sportsman is good enough to play for 20 years , then, these records are bound to happen.

BTW, I did not celebrate Kapil's World record either. :)

18/10/2008, 06:48  
Blogger Straight Point said...

bcci has just confirmed that next time sachin gonna cross any milestone (he hates) they are gonna call of the day there and then after growing concern of distractions...

18/10/2008, 11:43  
Blogger Ottayan said...


We have Ganguly century coming up. Another set of firecrackers?

18/10/2008, 11:54  
Blogger Straight Point said...

if not then a case in court against pca and bcci from dada...definitely...

18/10/2008, 12:06  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You mean legal fireworks? :)

18/10/2008, 12:39  
Blogger Straight Point said...

so sg climaxed too...

it seems he wanted to send sos to lawyer...no crackers after century...!!

18/10/2008, 13:06  
Blogger Bored Member said...

whata finish OTT...mishra got the wicket on virtually last second of match!!

18/10/2008, 17:27  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I think we should sue Ganguly - he should have carried on and made the Australians pay.

18/10/2008, 18:39  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I agree it was a scintillating finish. Can't wait for tomorrow.

18/10/2008, 18:40  
Blogger Ravindran said...

No comments

18/10/2008, 20:04  
Anonymous lazybug said...

I'd have preferred Piyush Chawla in place of Mishra.

18/10/2008, 20:16  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

need the Hs back in the hut.
wonder if they'll be a counter - boy, that will be fun.

18/10/2008, 23:58  

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