ICL Season 2- Pakistan Government to consider ICL Players cause.

Indian Cricket LeagueImage via WikipediaWhile the Indian-Australian cricket series justifiably hogs the sports pages, ICL is going about its ‘Season 2’ slated for October 10, 2008 with quiet efficiency.

Late last night they announced the composition of the teams. Similarly, it appears to be making headway in its quest for recognition from ICC. Another positive development in their case is the decision of the Pakistan government to consider the cause of the banned ICL Players and formulate a policy to resolve the crisis in consultation with the Cricket Board.

Going by the recent developments in Sri Lanka, this move by the Pakistani authorities may come to naught. However, ICL can take heart that cricketing associations are making some efforts to break away from the bear hug of the BCCI.

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Blogger Ravindran said...

Wit the chaos in Pak cricket htey r turning to ICL. It may be a ploy to rub ICC and BCCI who knows. NOw evry board will talk abt ICL players to keep the embers burning. Frankly ICL doesnt have players for national teams.

07/10/2008, 07:54  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

True none of the ICL players are international material, but ICC is unjustified in banning them from playing in domestic (recognised) tournaments either.

And yes, talking to ICL players may well be a ruse to keep BCCI on its toes.

07/10/2008, 09:41  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

"bear hug of the BCCI"

Well said Ott. Your russian is good.

07/10/2008, 13:15  
Blogger Ottayan said...



07/10/2008, 15:52  

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