Has England’s Stanford dream come to naught?

In a dispute over sanctioning rights, an Antiguan court has ruled in favour of Digicel the West Indies Team sponsor. This effectively seals the fate of the $20m match between England and Sir Allen Stanford's Caribbean team.

The dispute though between Digicel and WICB, escalated due to Stanford’s refusal to affect a compromise with Digicel.

This could put paid to at least a couple of English cricketers dreams of becoming a $ millionaire.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pietersen, Collingwood and Flintoff for IPL. The small fries to ICL. Confirmed.

Am so happy to see the cookie crumble *evil* ;)

08/10/2008, 05:51  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Theu can cime ti IPL for further fishing and yachting.

08/10/2008, 07:01  
Blogger Ottayan said...


" to see the cookie crumble *evil*"

I admit to similar emotions.:)

08/10/2008, 09:56  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

BTW... are the reports on Standford merging up in some way with the ICL true Otts?

10/10/2008, 20:26  

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