Boycott Blabbers

One used to respect Boycott for his objectivity. However, it appears that the warm pissy English beer has finally ravaged his perception.

"I believe it would be a mistake for England to go out there next month with the aim of scrapping their way to a draw. This Indian team are in flux. They can be beaten if you go hard at them. And this is as good a time as any to try," 
What, An England team beating India! Let them learn how to beat the Australian's first.

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Blogger Ravindran said...

If u ask me frankly, our team is always in a state of flux of some sort. Fluxy to the core. THey remove players when they shoudnt and dont remove when they should. Boycott must have had this in mind when he said this.
BTW did u read the full article?

04/10/2008, 10:44  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Yes I read the full article.(The HT version). This was the only thing I had an issue with. :)

04/10/2008, 11:21  
Blogger Straight Point said...

a veteran trying to keep up the chuckle of children who just won one toffee of a dead rubber...

04/10/2008, 11:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...


He is another hack making a living.:)

04/10/2008, 12:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Boycott really has lost his balls ;) and i hv highlighted the same on moi blog

04/10/2008, 16:25  
Blogger Ottayan said...

He has lost his marbles.

04/10/2008, 17:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Ravindran here. We always seem to have some sort of problem - either of batsmen's form, team composition, weird coach, and what not. Makes me wonder what strange problem we'll have next.

04/10/2008, 23:01  
Blogger Ravindran said...

May be the coach who was approached coaching India and Safrica simultaneously in two difrent attires.

05/10/2008, 07:08  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You have me in a flux. Care to elaborate on your differently attired coach?

05/10/2008, 10:55  

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