Zul Irani Cup- Delhi vs Rest of India

I am ashamed to admit that I am normally unaffected by domestic competitions, however the current edition of Zul Irani Cup starting today is an exception and the presence of four players has piqued my interest.
Lets start with the Badrinath and Kaif, two batsmen I am eager to watch. Though Badrinath is far superior batsmen, I want Kaif to succeed because he deserves it. Despite being a victim of the by the quota system prevalent in Indian cricket and at the receiving end of an alarming slump in form, neither did he flinch nor did he go running to the press to state his case. As I said he deserves it. However, I still would like to observe how Badrinath bats, because this opportunity can make or mar his career. Let us see how he performs.
Coming to the bowlers, I am interested in the progress of Munaf Patel and Ashish Nehra. Munaf has always been my favorite and despite rumors of lack of commitment, I had faith in him. What I admire in him is that he is modest in his ambitions and bowls a nagging line. The bounce he extracts from the pitch is also disconcerting and if handled properly can well become our 'Stuart Clark'. Would love to see continue the good work he did in Sri Lanka.
I was actually unimpressed by Ashish Nehra and was initially dismissive about his talent. However, his performance against England in the World Cup had me convinced of his potential. Undeniably his gull swoop impersonation also had a hand in charming me. Somehow he too appeared a flash in the pan when he faded away due to injuries. The story of his comeback, an inspiring tale in its own right, revived my interest in him. Also his comeback albeit in the IPL proved he is getting back his rhythm. Lets hope he gives the present incumbents a good run for their money.


Blogger Naked Cricket said...

much as I'd like munaf to do well, i doubt indian cricket will be patient with him. for one, he may never get the same kind of leeway Zaks got, and gets.
Kaif, what little i've seen of him today, first ball notwithstanding, has a sense of purpose. Which those in the com box don't.

24/09/2008, 14:41  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Somehow I always choose the no-hoppers

24/09/2008, 14:56  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Badri didnt measure up, as expected from a man being scruitised. He brought this upon himself by his thoughtless ramblings. Kaif was lucky there was no referal in place. I expected Wasim jafer to do well and he did.. Dravids success may still see him out of reckoning. Akash Chopra showed his disgust with the system with the first he ball faced from Zaheer and Kumble.

24/09/2008, 20:13  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Suddenly find Akash Chopra in the limelight. Has his time come?

24/09/2008, 20:21  

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