WTF - BCCI should adopt ICL?

In an undated entry in Zee News Nikhil Chopra writes that the BCCI should adopt ICL. One does not know whether it is an official request from Zee/ Essel Group, but even if it said in jest it is too ludicrous.

Why on earth should the BCCI do that?

Even if we give the benefit of doubt to Chopra and consider that he meant BCCI should recognise ICL, it is unlikely to happen. Unless the court intervenes and rules so, there is no such possibility.

The Essel Group and its think tank should not wait for the law to bail them out.Instead Kapil and his associates by themselves or through their lackeys should win some of the key posts in the BCCI and bring about the change internally.


Blogger Ravindran said...

BCCI and ICL are independent entities with enough money to take care of themselves. No need for one to adopt the other. May be BCCI can recognise ICL, but as u ask why shd they? ICLs motive whatever they may say r not laudable except the money part. U will remember , in the beginning ICL was in a challenging mood. After the success of the IPL they have become defensive and offensive.
The Srilankan board has put BCCI in a fix with it decision to spare ICL players.

22/09/2008, 07:14  

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