Why is the Hoogly quiet?

An introspective Saurav Ganguly is the reason why the Hoogly is serene


Admitting that the game is up as far as the ODI's are concerned, Ganguly believes he has a couple of more years of cricket left in him. In fact, like a faltering lover he desires to bid adieu to both the Tests and IPL (KKR) at the same time.


However, there is one catch; the former Indian Captain is reluctant to leave the game without enhancing his reputation. It means that Ganguly is determined to play in some more Tests.


While there is nothing wrong in a player of his stature wishing to determine his last hurrah, one wonders whether the selectors will let him do just that.



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Blogger Naked Cricket said...

Enough fodder for both the Statesman and Telegraph to take out two editions in a day. O Calcutta!

09/09/2008, 14:04  
Blogger Straight Point said...

the outgoing selection team has lay down a path which new regime may or may not follow...there are still some matches to be played before the announcement of test team...and going by how things work out here one cant say for sure the dada is out...

however outgoing selectors have made the job of new one bit easier by not selecting ganguly...

09/09/2008, 14:12  
Blogger Ottayan said...


O Calcutta! Woe to India. :)

09/09/2008, 15:28  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It is all up in the air.

09/09/2008, 15:39  

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