What are the Australian's doing in India by September 23?

This is outrageous. If one were to believe cricinfo, the Australian cricket team is set to arrive in India by September 23.
I demand to know why they are in India by September 23, when the actual tour starts only on October 9.
I strongly protest their early arrival and request the GOI to permit them into the country only if they agree to supply uranium.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Bush can threaten Hu Jintao for backing away at the NSG, Aus is a small fry. We'll get Aus uranium too. Aus needs India and not the other way around.

Looks like aus is taking this series very seriously. First Chappel turned a spy, then the visit of Aus A team and now the senior team arriving early. They are afraid of us man...hehehe

09/09/2008, 17:07  
Anonymous theposterboy said...

Simple reason buddy, with India growth story around, every one want to board the train, they are just coming here to enjoy and find other way to monetize themselves.

09/09/2008, 17:43  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Yes Philip, it is disquietening to note that the Australians are preparing thoroughly to wallop us.

09/09/2008, 17:45  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Firstly a warm welcome.

Yep that is also a possibility. They may use the time to swing new commercial deals.

09/09/2008, 18:14  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

that early? doubt if the indians will be in india by then

11/09/2008, 11:58  

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