Sydney Test minus the scandal?- Mr. Watson, surely you are joking ?

Shane Watson said that he is looking forward to a contest like the Sydney Test minus the scandal.

I disagree with Shane Watson. I want all the Test matches in the series to be like the Sydney Test albeit with a caveat – India should win.

Just imagine a series with villainous Australian cricketers - a boob for an umpire – racist allegations - a partisan media and conspiracy theories like the reported suppression of video replays by Channel 9 would just be what the doctor ordered.

I surmise that if the series were able to generate even 50 % of the emotional turmoil of the Sydney Test, it would be a cracker.

Sadly it may not happen as three key ingredients that provided the frisson are missing, i.e., Symonds, Bucknor and Peter Laylor.

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Blogger Ravindran said...

Sydney scandal minus test would be interesting.We can assess Bhajjis control over himself.

27/09/2008, 20:10  
Blogger Ottayan said...

I have lost hope on Bhajji.

28/09/2008, 08:15  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Don't worry... Munaf has arrived and he has improved his vocabulary.

30/09/2008, 13:25  
Blogger Ottayan said...


That is a relief.:)

30/09/2008, 13:36  
Blogger Thomas said...

Ottayan. Your partisan comment about the media, while true, might be applied to your own post here. In listing the 3 'key ingerdients' you've managed to leave out any Indian 'ingredient'. One could infer that this is you absolving the entire Indian team from any blame whatsoever.

30/09/2008, 19:53  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Welcome back. Guilty as charged.

01/10/2008, 05:49  

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