Nel ditches Mumbai Indians for ICL

Andre 'Gunther' Nel who had a one-year contract with the Indian Premier League side Mumbai Indians has reportedly switched to ICL.

Mark Ramprakash, Darren Gough and even Marcus Trescothick are the others who are expected to make their allegiance to ICL official.


Blogger Naked Cricket said...

ott - at this rate, you and i will end up playing for icl.
A shame about Nel. A big catch for Kapil

18/09/2008, 15:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Yes NC.

I suspect their next big catch will be Yousuf.

18/09/2008, 16:53  
Blogger Straight Point said...

i dont know about yousuf bt nel is certainly a big fish...

i second NC and add that nel is nut...all that aimless yelling had to take effect on mind someday...

18/09/2008, 17:01  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It has already affected his mind.Otherwise why would he leave IPL for ICL. IPL is like having best of both worlds. You can play international cricket and also league cricket.

What he has done is a stupid decision.

18/09/2008, 17:24  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Nel to ICL, GR to BR as they say.IPLs loss will be ICLs loss.
Trescothick has recovered and so soon.
Gough will be an addition at the most.Ramprakash had reason to take a decision .

18/09/2008, 20:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nel is a big loss for SA if this is true. He was erractic, but a very good bowler. Remember Santh's break dance :)

And about England 's retired stars, well who bothers about them now. Mark Ramprakash can play then whats wrong with Graeme Hick ? Even Athers can play ICL :) Are they good enuf for 20-20 looking at their strike rate :)

18/09/2008, 21:00  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Like all fast bowlers, fiery but no aim. He has good company though, a bunch of selfish retards like trescothick and yousuf.

19/09/2008, 13:13  

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