A lot more to do in domestic cricket

A simple admission by the former Australia head-strength and conditioning coach Jock Campbell reveals why they are No.1.

“We not only have personalised trainers but also use dieticians, doctors and physios to maximum effect. And this is the case at the domestic level too.”

Comparing those techniques with that of India, he said, “You can say India is at least 10 years behind when it comes to the bio-mechanics of training. I can’t say about the national team but at the domestic level a lot needs to be done.”

Citing an example, he said, “We use bio-mechanics for avoiding injuries.

“Bowlers use a specially built foot-supporting device to prevent shin injuries during practice. We also study every ball the bowler bowls, every stroke a batsman plays and analyse them.”

(Quoted from Hindustan Times)

In comparison, it is doubtful whether such analysis and training are given to a Ranji Trophy player. However, once he is identified as an prospect,the National Cricket Academy may offer him the same level of training and analysis as and when they conduct camps for the probables.

Surely, these occasional stints are not enough. If we are to surpass Australia or even match them then our cricketers must have the benefit of these scientific training methods right from the district level.

Do you agree?

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Blogger Ravindran said...

Dont give this stuff much grain. They want to impress mouth openers like us.. Now that evrybody is saying they r the best team they come with all this technical stuff. This overdose of cricket is the cause of all the injuries.
What can bio mechanics do to an injury prone cricketer.Nothing if u ask me. Injuries and age go together coz
recovery takes longer time in older persons. These biomechanics will work only with youngsters.

22/09/2008, 07:22  

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